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"Radiation Reaction CAN Interrupt Your Series...Use Radx Instead"


Radx was developed specifically for my brother who developed burns and skin irritations while going through intensive radiation treatments. The usual prescription offered no relief.  Using our 24+ years experience in the burn relief/skin care business and our professional expertise—our company was named one of the top 500 privately help companies—we created Radx Radiation Therapy.

When my brother was diagnosed with inoperable throat cancer, his radiation oncologist recommended he undergo an extreme regimen of chemotherapy and 39 sessions of high-level radiation treatment.  After only a few treatments, he began to experience painful side effects. Remembering that we made a product called Marine Sting to successfully treat jellyfish and Portuguese man-of-war stings, my brother called to ask for a tube. We made him a new batch, added anti-inflammatory and anti-reddening ingredients, and then aired it to my brother. He showed it to his oncologist at a major Houston, TX cancer center who approved it for use. My brother used it throughout the rest of his series, with amazing results. The oncologist was so impressed, he suggested we introduce our Marine Sting product to the cancer community. For 2 years thereafter, Marine Sting was purchased for use in treating radiation reaction by a major cancer hospital in Baltimore, Md. As word spread throughout the cancer community of Marine Sting’s remarkable results, several oncologists recommended that we brand this product specifically for cancer patients. This product became Radx.
Once my brother began using Radx (at the time called Marine Sting), his nurses and doctors were amazed at the condition of his skin.  By the end of the treatment series, unlike other patients who had burning, scarring and skin breakdown, my brother's skin was soft and supple.  Since then we've heard numerous stories like this one declaring that nothing has been shown to work better than Radx.  (Good News...  Several years later, my brother is still cancer free!)
-Steve Finley, Founder
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directly from Radx

Radx Products:

-Relieves pain with lidocaine
-Helps heal burning, irritation, redness and general skin breakdown

-Replenishes moisture and contributes to the skin's regeneration process



"I have just completed my radiation treatments---for breast cancer--the only product that truly helped and healed my skin (and I tried many) was your RadX- Radiation Therapy!  It is a wonderful product, and I would be happy to attest to that any time!"  -Terry Goodman

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