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Our History

Our History

Radx Radiaton Therapy

Radx was developed in 2003, specifically for the founder's brother who, going through intensive radiation treatments, developed burn and skin irritation that typically prescribed drugs did not help.

With over 30 years in the sunscreen/skin care industry, and having their firm named one of the top 500 privately held companies in America, the founders used their extensive technological resources, along with a coalition of skilled medical and pharmacutical professionals, to create an OTC product that not only aggressively combated radiation dermatitis, but also aided in reducing pain and inflammation.

Once his brother began using Radx, the residing oncology staff was amazed at how quickly his skin improved. By the end of the treatment series, unlike other patients who had burning, scarring and dermal breakdown, his skin was soft, supple and in very good shape, with virtually no signs of a person who had undergone a severe battery of radiation therapy.

Radx has helped tens of thousands of patients since its introduction, all over the world...

Given the exceptional results, word of these products quickly began to spread. The head oncology nurse at another premier cancer treatment center, determined through private testing that 50-60% of her patients responded better to Radx than any other treatment prescribed, and at a cost considerably less than the most comparable prescription drugs.

Radx has helped literally tens of thousands of patients since its introduction all over the world. The treatment protocol began with Radx R, for use during a radiation treatment series, and continued to include preventative skin care with the founder's unique formulations of 100% chemical free sunscreen.

It is now carried and recommended by several hundred cancer centers across the U.S., and is readily made available online with free shipping to any patient in need.

If you would like to place an order or learn more how Radx can aid in your treatment's recovery, please contact us at info@radxhelps.com.

Thank you for visiting Radx. We wish each of you good health and a successful recovery!