RADX Therapeutic Relief
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What is Radx Radiation Therapy?



Radx Radiation Therapy has helped thousands of patients in both the US and internationally since its introduction in 2003. Developed in conjunction with oncology nurses and doctors, these over the counter (OTC) lotions are used in hundreds of cancer centers to prevent radiation dermatitis and are specifically formulated to provide immediate pain relief, reduce inflammation, and help aid in keeping all dermal layers of the skin hydrated.

  • 2% Lidocaine for Immediate Pain Relief (Radx "R")
  • Anti-inflammatories: Sea Buckthorn, Papain, Bromelain
  • Organic Aloe to sooth and promote Healing
  • Beta Glucan & Hyaluronic Acid to Hydrate Damaged skin

With daily applications, most patients are able to complete an entire radiation series without interruption due to skin breakdown.

If you are a Head &/or Neck patient, please see the Rubber Ducky Lip Ice; formerly known as Radx Lip Balm.