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Radx Success Stories

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"When I had radiation treatment at Procure in Somerset NJ, the product was a sample.  The whole facility was pushing Aquaphor, which did not work for me and caused me so much trouble sticking to my burns and my clothes.

Your product was a life saver then.  I remember calling and learning about how the product started as something used for jelly fish stings, and heard the story about the family member who developed cancer, had radiation, and your own product was the thing that helped."



"I bought this cream for my mom when. she was going through radiation treatment for breast cancer. She was having a difficult time with the pain. she said that this cream was the only thing that helped her and that she didn't know how she would have made it through her treatments with out this cream. She was upset because she felt that the doctors never really told her exactly how bad the burns could be from radiation and she also felt that the doctors didn't do enough to help her pain. I found this online and it was a miracle. It really helped my mom and she couldn't imagine going through her treatments without it. Now the doctors know about it too and will hopefully be recommending it to others. Well worth the money and a must have if you are suffering from radiation burns."

- s.s.

"My husband uses this for his face, which had radiation six years ago. He has tried most products and finds this the best. We cant buy it in NZ but it is worth buying in USA and getting someone to send it to us."

- Lorraine Raine

"Outstanding product for easing the pain from radiation. I recommend this product to all the breast cancer patients I meet. I do not know why the oncologists do not recommend this cream. A little bit goes a long way. The cream recommended by the dermatologist was almost $500. A tube. What a big difference. If you have radiation burns try this cream! A recent breast cancer patient."

- Doris Vose

"I keep this in the kitchen for when I get a burn on my hand cooking. I find it works better than other ointment."

- Rosemary