RADX Therapeutic Relief
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Treatment Protocol

Radx Treatment Protocol

How to Use Radx

Radx R Radiation Therapy is designed to be used during and after radiation treatements, when discomfort is present. It can be applied liberally to the affected area directly after treatments, and can be used as often as needed to reduce pain, itching and inflammation. It is recommended that Radx R be used at least twice per day, during and up to 2 weeks after radiation treatments are completed, in order to reduce scaring, improve the quality of skin, and help promote healing.


Recommended Protocols with Radx Radiation Therapy

  • Always consult with your physician about any possible concerns during radiation therapy.

  • During radiation therapy, apply Radx R directly after treatments, liberally up to once per hour to reduce pain and itching.

  • Continue with Radx R (depending on discomfort level) for up to two weeks after radiation treatments have ended.

  • After skin has healed, follow up with a daily sunscreen as directed by your physician to prevent further UV damage.

With daily applications, most patients are able to complete an entire radiation series without interruption due to skin breakdown.