RADX Therapeutic Relief
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What people are saying about Radx.....

Radx Reviews:


"Thank you so much your product is a god send to many patients" Z. in TX


"she was giving up and not going to finish her final round of chemo.  She called today and said she had hope again and the product was worth every penny and now she was back in the fight!!"  L. from VA


"I recently finished radiation therapy treatment 6 weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know that I used Radx and found it to be very successful. I had 16 treatments and I started to use the cream 2 weeks before treatment. I got a slight bit of redness but no burning, blistering or peeling. I would highly recommend these creams to anyone that is going to have treatment, but you must be consistent with it. I have heard from a few women that they think it is rather expensive, well I don’t think so as this is your breast and one has to look after it. I had a friend that had burning, blistering and peeling, she said she only wishes that she had knew about it when she was going through radiation. 

Anyway I just wanted to say that I am so glad that I found out about the product and did not hesitate to get it, as it payed off to spend that little bit extra." K.N.


"I encountered your products at Fiesta Hermosa a few years ago and was immediately sold. I use them regularly and have always had a good experience. Thank you for such wonderful products!" L.M.


Sunscreen Reviews:

"My son has a skin disease which leaves him in summer time with limited pigment. With your product he does not burn which is a blessing! "